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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 Common Make Up Crimes

Yes, this is a funny picture. And no, I’m not joking when I say that I have committed at least half of these make up crimes (though not all at the same time of course). Let’s face it, at one point in our lives we have been guilty of committing crimes against beauty. There really are no hard and fast rules in makeup application, but some mistakes are just too awful to look at or to ignore that it’s pretty much best to avoid them altogether. Here are 5 of them, and I included celebrity photos (proving that this happens to the best of us, not just to us mere mortals) and simple quick fixes.

P.S. Drag queens, please do not proceed beyond this point.

1.       Happy Foundation Day: Foundation that doesn’t match skin tone (too dark or too light)

So you went a little foundation happy, and you didn’t realize it until your pictures come out. You’re as white as a ghost, and the color of your face doesn’t match the rest of your body at all.

Quick Fixes: 
  • Choose a foundation that’s the closest match to your skin tone. Before purchasing, try it on the area just underneath the eyes, on your cheek and on the jawline.  Check it out under natural light as well. If the foundation looks like it isn’t there at all, it’s your perfect match. Never attempt to change your skin tone just through foundation alone.
  • Once you found the right shade, blend the foundation up to the neck and into the hairline.
  • To avoid cake face, apply the foundation gradually. Because once it’s all there and you realized you made a mistake (too much product, making you look pasty) layering on a darker shade or dusting on bronzing powder won’t help that much.
  • If you don’t have a lot to cover up, consider skipping foundation altogether and just let your skin breathe. Opt for products like BB creams or tinted moisturizers, and pat concealer onto problem areas only.

2.       Kilay 2000: Really thin, obviously drawn-in eyebrows or even worse, "Sperm Brows"

You overplucked your brows and now it’s really thin, close to invisible, so you grab the nearest eyebrow pencil and draw in a parentheses-shaped line and call it a brow.

Quick Fixes:

  • Choose a pencil/powder/brow gel that’s closest to your natural brow color. Use light, feathery strokes when filling in your brows. Just follow its natural shape, fill in sparse areas and you’ll be fine. When it comes to brows, don’t be too heavy handed, unless you’re doing a remake for Blusang Itim or Betty La Fea...
  • Don’t overpluck! Just tweeze the stray hairs that grow outside the browline for a neat, groomed look.

3.       Contour Galore: Harsh edges/lines that aren't blended out

Noseline here, cheekbones there, raccoon eyes, etc. Looks nice in photos/TV/stage productions but if not done correctly, can look scary in person

Quick Fix:
  • Always blend, blend, blend. Blending out the colors of your shadows, blush, and highlighters will result in a nicer, more natural look.

4.       Lip liner that’s darker than the lipcolor

This was the trend in the 90s... Which was 20 years ago. Lipliner is a great tool for holding up lip color, so choose a liner that’s almost the same as your lip color. If you don’t have an exact match, try nude lip pencils. 

5.       Doing all of these in one look… And it’s daytime

Take another look at the first picture and ask yourself if you really want to look like that.

The crime I'm most guilty of committing is the first one. I look back at some of my old photos and I realize I had one too many foundation days! How about you? What are you guilty of? What make up mistakes do you hate seeing? :)

Photo credits: Google Images (I do not own these photos)

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