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Saturday, January 31, 2015

I'm Back!

Hi guys! I just looked back at my old posts and I realized just how fast time flies! This is probably the longest time I have been on a writing hiatus. My usual excuses- I was too busy, I had better things to do, I needed a simpler camera for photos (a point and shoot, because photos from a DSLR are too much of a hassle to upload and edit, plus it's too big to lug around haha), and when I finally get enough time to sit in front of the PC, I had another excuse- I wasn't inspired. 

This time though, I am committed to carving out a little time in my schedule to do what I love most- writing about the things and activities that interest me, in the hopes that I would be able to reach out to other people as well. I love Instagram and I've been posting pictures of my #fotds (face of the day) and the meals that I prepare and I usually get queries on how to do them, so here it is! :)

Facebook and Instagram are awesome, but nothing really beats being able to detail makeup techniques and food recipes on a blog.

I started blogging when I was in high school, and it was full of (super embarrassing) angst-y, typical teenager stuff; during my college years to early career years it was purely beauty and makeup blogging. Over 10 years my interests have evolved and I hope that you, dear readers (especially those my age) will be able to relate with me on the new topics I will be covering. 

Thank you to everyone who has followed The Kikay Chronicles in the past, hope to still see you here! 

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