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Friday, August 31, 2012

Review: Maxfactor Panstik Foundation in Medium

Meet my HG foundation/concealer, the Maxfactor Panstik Foundation! This product may be a little old school (Maxfactor released this in 1947 and is phased out in the US already, but is still available in Europe and Asia) considering there are already a myriad of other foundation formulations out there (liquid, mousse, spray, etc) but I just super love, love, love this product! Read on to find out why:

Shade Match:  
I use the shade medium, and it matches my skin tone so perfectly that I don't even have to apply any of the stuff on my neck. I also bought these in 5 other shades to use on makeup gigs, and I've done makeup on fair-skinned and morena ladies and I'm always able to find a shade that matches Pinay skin tones. 

Creamy but not heavy, applies easily with a brush (for heavier coverage) or a wedge sponge (for lighter coverage).

Buildable; you can go from medium to full. This covers imperfections so well that I use this as a concealer too, especially on scars and undereye circles.

Silky matte; but if you're going for a totally matte look it can easily be remedied by using dusting loose powder or using a compact powder. It doesn't cake or transfer as well even after hours of wear.

Lasting power
Around 8-10 hours

Oil control:
I have oily skin, and even though this has a creamy formula and has mineral oil as one of its ingredients, I never end up with greasy skin, and so far I've never broken out.

I love that it's small and portable, but the tube container it's housed in doesn't have the best quality. The twist-thingy is supposed to make the stick retractable, but sometimes something goes wrong with the mechanism and it gets stuck, so it doesn't go back in the tube.

You would like this if:
  • You want a heavy-duty foundation/concealer but don't like the heavy, mask-like feeling that other foundations have
  • You have dry, normal, or combination-type skin
  • You want beauty products that multi-task and are easy to carry around
  • You have dark circles or scars you want to cover up on your face
You won't like this if:
  • You can't stand products with poor quality packaging
  • You have very oily skin
  • You want to use newer products or formulations

It comes in a small, twist-type tube

 shades are found on the bottom

Swatched on my hand, not blended. See how creamy it looks?

Left: with concealer, Right: without concealer

When used on my entire face:

Have you tried this foundation stick from Maxfactor? Let me know if you liked it as much as I do :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

July/August Favorites

I wasn't able to do a July favorites post so I decided to do a collective post for the months of July and August. All of these are new discoveries except for the lash glue, meaning the rest are not repurchases and are newly-tried; plus I threw in a kikay book too! As usual, everything is super budget friendly and I think the most expensive thing here is the mascara! Haha. I'll be doing individual reviews soon as well. So here are my favorites plus some short commentaries:

 Pond's Smooth Pores Pore Tightening Facial Wash with Glacial Clay (Php 57)
Didn't break me out, but did NOT tighten my pores at all; poor oil control despite the fact that it has clay (which is supposed to control oil). Does a great job of keeping my face clean though.

Erth Origins Coconut and Almond Hot Oil Treatment (Php 99)
Got this as my thrice-a-week treatment. So far so good; makes my hair soft.

Hawaiian Tropic Baby Faces and Tender Places SPF 50 (PHp 117)
Got this on sale last July because it was expiring on October, but it's all good cos a bottle of sunblock only lasts me 2 months. I use this as my everyday sunblock

Watson's Deep Nourishing Body Scrub (Php 129)
Got this humongous bottle of Watson's body scrub thinking this would be a good dupe of my favorite (Body Shop's Coconut Scrub) but sadly it isn't, it doesn't have enough scrub granules (this is subjective I guess, I just like my body scrubs to be really grainy). What I love about this though is that it smells great and makes my skin super soft and moisturized after showering. And it contains a lot of product!

Sophie Lipsticks in Caramel Sugar, Nude Velvet, and Russian Red (Php 79 each)
I finally got their famous Php 79 lipsticks! I've been seeing this around the blogosphere and hearing about it from friends at work, and I needed a new nude lippie so I tried these out. Good pigment and lasting power

Maybelline The Colossal Mascara (Php 375)
Another great mascara from Maybelline!

Nichido lipgloss in Georgia
This came with an eyeshadow and blush palette, for only Php 100

 Bobbi Brown Beauty Evoution book (Php 245)
Another steal from National Bookstore, not covered with plastic but was still good as new. Very helpful book on skin care and make up basics from world-famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Don't Steal my Thunder (Php 250)
A shimmery trio for creating easy black smokey eye looks.

Nichido Eyelash Glue (Php 60)

Nichido Eyebrow Razor (Php 50)
I had to include this, I just discovered the wonders of razors for thick brows! Of all products featured this is my favorite :)

Yoko Yogurt Spa Milk Salt (Php 89)
It's pink, grainy, smells yummy, makes my skin soft. Love.

 Etude House Happy Teatime Lemon Cleansing Cream (Php 198)
This is officially my new favorite makeup remover (sorry Pond's Cold Cream)

Have you tried any of these products? Do you like them as well? Let me know!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Silver and Black Smokey Eyes using Wet n Wild Color Icon in "Don't Steal My Thunder"

Black and silver smokey eyes are really easy to do and this is my go-to look when I'm in a hurry to do something quick yet dramatic for night time events. It only makes use of 3 eyeshadow shades and 4 products (trio eyeshadow, black eyeliner, eyelash curler, black mascara). And once you've mastered it you can do this in 5 minutes, I swear :)

Here's what I used and how I did it:

 This is the palette I used, Wet N Wild Color Icon Trio in "Don't Steal My Thunder". This is particularly helpful for those who are still totally confused with where to put particular shades of makeup on the eye, because each of the shades already have labels on where to apply them (browbone, crease, eyelid)

1. Apply eyeshadow primer
2. I applied the white e/s all over the eye as base color, from lids up to browbone
3. Put the silver e/s on  the lids only
4. Using a crease brush, apply the crease color (black e/s) on the outer V and on the crease of the eyes

5. Go over browbone and lower lashline with the white e/s to highlight these areas. Don't overdo it on the lower lashline, though.
6. Smoke out the lower lashline by applying a bit of black eyeshadow with a fine brush. Blend with the line of the outer V 
7. Curl lashes, apply mascara, and top off with black liquid eyeliner.

P.S. Don't forget to blend every now and then to avoid harsh lines.

And that's it! Very do-able right? How about you, what are your favorite makeup looks for night? :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

My 10 Favorite Basic Makeup Brushes

For some, looking at make up brush sets can be quite overwhelming- especially those that carry more than 12 pieces per set. When I do make up for shoots, I usually bring 2 sets, which is around 30+ brushes. The girls would usually tell me that they didn't know what brush to use for which, but the truth is a lot of it's pretty much useless if you're just going to do simple, everyday looks. Lol. Personally, I get a lot of mileage from only 10 brushes, and if there are times when I have to travel and bag space is limited, I can even bring that number down to just 3 brushes.

But if you really want to step up your prettyfying routine, here are some basic brushes that will help you achieve picture-perfect looks:

The Face Brushes

L-R: Contoured blush brush, powder brush/face blender brush, foundation brush

1. Contouring Blush Brush
What to Look For: A loosely packed, slightly angled/tapered version of the powder brush
What it Does: 
Use this to contour the face and make it look slimmer by strategically applying darker powders underneath the cheekbones, on the temples, and on the jawline. After contouring, you can also use this to apply color onto the cheeks.

2. Powder brush/ Face Blender brush
What to Look for: A loosely-packed, fluffy brush
What it does:
Use this to dust finishing powder on your face after foundation application
Can also be used as a bronzer brush

3. Foundation brush
What to Look For: Flat, tightly packed synthetic bristles so that it can pick up and spread the foundation well. Just make sure it's soft enough to avoid irritating the skin
What It Does:
Use this to apply liquid, creme, or mousse foundation over the face

The Eye Brushes
L-R: eyeshadow brush, fine eyeliner brush, cream shadow brush, eye contour brush

4.  Eyeshadow Brush
What to Look for: Medium sized, dome-shaped brush
What It Does: For applying base color all over the eyes and highlights on the browbone

5. Fine Eyeliner Brush
What to Look for: Thin, small brush made of synthetic fibers
What it Does
Since it's small and tightly packed, you can use this to spot correct areas that need concealing, or you can use this as an eyeliner brush. I also use this to apply shadow to the corners of the eyes

6. Cream Shadow Brush
What to Look For: a small brush with synthetic bristles
What It Does: For application of cream shadows on the eyes

7. Eye Contour Brush
What to Look For: A skinnier and tapered version of the eyeshadow brush
What It Does: to contour the eyes with a darker shade, or to blend in shadows on the crease of the eye. This brush really helps in creating dramatic eye looks.

The Extras

8. Slanted Eyebrow Brush
What to Look For: A tightly packed, thin, and small slanted brush
What It Does: For filling in and defining eyebrows; you can also use this as an eyeliner brush

9. Lip Brush
What to Look For: A small, firm, and tightly-packed brush 
What It Does: For precise application of lip color. This is especially helpful when you want to wear bright, pigmented shades

10. Mascara Spoolie
What to Look For: A basic mascara wand
What It's For: This may seem like a useless tool, but it's great in brushing out clumps of mascara from the lashes, and for blending out brow color if you applied too much of it.

Generally, when picking out brushes, look for high quality ones so that you can apply your makeup products better, and you won't have to constantly replace your brushes if they keep on getting worn out. Choose ones that don't shed so much, and whose bristles don't feel rough or scratchy on your skin. You don't have to get the super-expensive brushes, as many online sellers already have a lot of cheaper (and good quality) options available.

So these are my 10 brush must-haves, I'm sure others have different recommendations, and you can most definitely select only the ones that suit your needs. Hope this post helped you out though! How about you, what are your favorite makeup brushes? 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Perks of Being a Bookworm

   Ok, so this post isn't exactly beauty-related, it might in fact even be a little nerdy. But who says you can't be kikay and nerdy at the same time anyway? Lol. I'm just really thankful and happy that today, my entry for The Philippine Star and National Bookstore's my favorite book contest got chosen as this week's winner! This is such a blessing for me in many ways, because it has always been my dream to be a writer; but since I can't pursue it full-time at this moment, sending in contributions (I also got published in Philippine Daily Inquirer's Youngblood last April 2012, I am very thankful to God for all these opportunities) and maintaining this blog has been my outlet. I think I'd go crazy without books or writing. Hehe. It just means so much to me that the people behind those big national broadsheets would consider my pieces as worthy enough to be read by the entire country.

   It's so great that PhilStar and NBS hold these kinds of contests, it really encourages people to read and to write their reflections about books that have made an impact in their lives. I have a lot of favorite books (one per genre) but Viktor Frankl's "Man's Search for Meaning" simply blew me away and gave me a lot of new learings and insights. Incidentally, I also bought my copy of this book at NBS! I encourage my fellow bookworms to send in your entries as well, check out contest mechanics here:

P.S. Here's the link to my long-ass article (that is, if you're patient enough to read it hehe)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Drugstore Steals: Nichido

This mini haul was totally unplanned, I was actually looking for a new nude lipstick, but then this sales assistant walked up to me and told me she really liked the color of my lipstick, then I complimented her expertly done eye makeup, and before we knew it we were talking about different eyebrow shaping techniques. She led me to the Nichido counter and taught me how to use a razor to shape my brows. I could never do it by myself until she taught me! I normally use a tweezer, a tiny pair of scissors, and an eyebrow brush to shape mine before, because I'm deathly scared of having a blade come in close contact with my eyes. Using a razor really simplified my routine. Love love love her!

So I got one for myself, and checked out some of their other stuff as well. I saw this travel-sized makeup palette with 8 eyeshadows and 2 blushes (one for contouring, one for coloring). All for Php 100, such a steal right? But wait, there's more! They threw in a FREE lipgloss as well. I was curious so I decided to try it too. I also picked up their lash glue (my favorite) since I already ran out of it.

I went home with 4 products, and it only cost me Php 210 :) I'm totally happy with the lash glue, razor, and lip gloss, but I have yet to try the makeup palette. Will do a review once I road test it. For now, here are the photos:

 On the box, it claims to be "matted" but there are very fine sparkles scattered here and there. I like the shade selection, which is a mix of pastels and earth colors. Great for daytime looks

 The lipgloss, in shade "Georgia" is a nice, peachy red color. Kind of like mimics the natural lip color but gives it more pigment and a bit of sparkle. Good color pay-off but poor staying power, lasts only about 2 hours.
 My favorite lash glue ever! Dries fast, easy and not painful to remove, didn't cause me any kind of eye irritation. 
Newly discovered eyebrow grooming tool. I'm addicted already :)

Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them? Drop me a comment below.