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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mani of the Week: Midnight Meteor Shower

Ok, so that's a really gay name for a manicure. But anyway, that's pretty much my inspiration for this week's manicure feature.

What to Use:

1. Caronia Blue Velvet- a nice, metallic, dark blue. I love the consistency of Carnia nail polishes; could actually rival those from foreign brands

2. Bobbie Glaze in Big Bang- has two different sizes of glitter. Lots of tiny gold glitters, and slightly bigger ones in blue, violet, green, red and also some gold.

How to Apply:

1. Apply 2 coats of Caronia Blue Velvet. This will be your base color. Let dry
2. Appy the glitter polish, spread it out across the nails
3. Apply clear top coat

With only the base color

Miracle in A Tub: L'oreal Liss Ultime Hair Masque

Hair was made to be devirginized- or so I thought. After 10 years of chemically and physically raping my hair, I am now feeling and seeing the bad, bad effects. Last year, I constantly got bored with my hair and in a span of a year, I've had it rebonded and colored twice. My bad, I know. So now I am left with flat, limp locks that's hard to style, with fried ends that look absolutely gross in pictures. Nakakasira ng look!

After a year of giving my hair the rest and deep conditioning it deserves, I got bored. AGAIN. But of course, now I know that running off to the salon to get my hair done is not the solution to my problem. So yes, I still went to the salon, but this time, I asked to see their professional treatment products. By professional, I mean the ones they actually use on their clients. I was thinking that having the products on hand would save me a lot of money instead of going for regular treatments.

They had Kerastase and L'oreal, but the hairstylist suggested I go with the L'oreal Liss Ultime line since it was made for rebonded hair. The Liss Ultime Line consists of a shampoo (Php545), hair masque(Php900), and leave in conditioner(Php850). Since I just wanted to test it out first, I only got the hair masque. After purchasing, they also offered to do 1 application for free!

After the treatment, I was amazed at how my hair looked. Stick straight, smooth, shiny, and a big plus factor for me- I could actually comb my fingers through it without getting stuck! I so did not regret getting this. It has already been a week since I used it, my hair has been through 3 washings, but it still remains soft and shiny. People have been actually asking if I had done something to my hair, because it just looks so different. My hair practically looks half virgin.

Although a 200ml tub costs about 4 times more than the L'oreal hair masques sold at drugstores (which I have also tried), this one actually works and it's worth every peso. Will definitely repurchase the masque and get the shampoo and the leave in conditioner too.

How to Use:

1. Shampoo hair, then towel dry
2. Massage into hair by sections. The hairstylist taught me to apply it only from the middle part down to the ends (not so much on the scalp) to avoid wasting product and to concentrate only on damaged areas

3. Place shower cap, leave on for 15-30 minutes, use a steam cap (or just use a hair dryer to add heat)
4. Rinse off. No need to use additional conditioner afterwards.

(Where to get: I got mine at Salon de Rose. I think other salons also have it. Available online too)

Monday, January 2, 2012

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nail of the Week: Cracking Nail Look

My aunt and mom had to do some last minute Christmas shopping today, so we headed to Limketkai Mall (in Cagayan de Oro) to buy gifts. My aunt didn't want to walk around the entire mall to look for gifts for everyone so we went to the mall's bazaar area. I did some browsing of my own, looked for kikay stuff, saw a stall selling overpriced Maybelline cosmetics, and finally, found this stall that sold a lot of inexpensive make up (but it was stuff from China, which I'm kind of hesitant to use). They also sold nail polishes in cute colors, so I picked a bottle up and saw that it was cracking nail polish. And they sold it for only like Php 50! I only bought two shades to try out because my praning side was telling me to google the product as soon as I got home to make sure it didn't contain toxic ingredients or something.

When I got home, I was excited to try it out.  Luckily, I was still wearing my gold glitter polish from last week, so it was the perfect base color.

I totally loved it! Talk about a super quick, easy and inexpensive manicure. It took me less than 10 minutes to do since I already had a base color; and since it was cracking nail polish, I didn't have to worry if it goes on smoothly or not. I'm definitely getting more of these babies. (BTW, I did google the brand and didn't find any alarming articles about it being toxic :D )

A little how-to guide for cracking nail polish manicure:

1. Apply base color of choice, let dry
2. Apply cracking nail polish (it's best if the colors are contrasting)
    tip: apply a thin coat if you want numerous, small cracks, and a thicker coat for bigger cracks

Review: Maybelline Watershine Lipstick P11

Maybelline is currently having a sale on all its products, the discounts range from 20-30% off. Their items are flying off the shelves! I wanted a new pale pink lipstick, and so I headed to the nearest Maybelline counter, swatched a couple of testers, and fell in love with shade P11. Unfortunately, it was already out of stock back home (at Iloilo City); but luckily, they still have stocks here in Cagayan de Oro.

This is how it looks on my lips:

Over-all look

The good: I love the color, it's a very pretty pale pink. Exactly what I was looking for. Packaging is pretty too. Price is ok, I got it for Php 209, that's already with 20% off. Regular price is Php 299.

The bad: A bit too shiny for my taste (I know the label says Watershine Diamonds, but I didn't expect it too be sooo glossy). I hate having anything sticky on my lips, it makes me look (and feel) like I just ate lechon. I call it the "lechon look". Plus, it's pretty annoying when my hair sticks to my lips. Color pay-off is not too good, it takes me several swipes to get the color I wanted. One or two coats look very sheer on lips.

My two cents: I will only repurchase if it goes on sale again. I'm still on the look-out for the perfect baby pink. I might try Elf's lipstain next.