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Monday, August 20, 2012

My 10 Favorite Basic Makeup Brushes

For some, looking at make up brush sets can be quite overwhelming- especially those that carry more than 12 pieces per set. When I do make up for shoots, I usually bring 2 sets, which is around 30+ brushes. The girls would usually tell me that they didn't know what brush to use for which, but the truth is a lot of it's pretty much useless if you're just going to do simple, everyday looks. Lol. Personally, I get a lot of mileage from only 10 brushes, and if there are times when I have to travel and bag space is limited, I can even bring that number down to just 3 brushes.

But if you really want to step up your prettyfying routine, here are some basic brushes that will help you achieve picture-perfect looks:

The Face Brushes

L-R: Contoured blush brush, powder brush/face blender brush, foundation brush

1. Contouring Blush Brush
What to Look For: A loosely packed, slightly angled/tapered version of the powder brush
What it Does: 
Use this to contour the face and make it look slimmer by strategically applying darker powders underneath the cheekbones, on the temples, and on the jawline. After contouring, you can also use this to apply color onto the cheeks.

2. Powder brush/ Face Blender brush
What to Look for: A loosely-packed, fluffy brush
What it does:
Use this to dust finishing powder on your face after foundation application
Can also be used as a bronzer brush

3. Foundation brush
What to Look For: Flat, tightly packed synthetic bristles so that it can pick up and spread the foundation well. Just make sure it's soft enough to avoid irritating the skin
What It Does:
Use this to apply liquid, creme, or mousse foundation over the face

The Eye Brushes
L-R: eyeshadow brush, fine eyeliner brush, cream shadow brush, eye contour brush

4.  Eyeshadow Brush
What to Look for: Medium sized, dome-shaped brush
What It Does: For applying base color all over the eyes and highlights on the browbone

5. Fine Eyeliner Brush
What to Look for: Thin, small brush made of synthetic fibers
What it Does
Since it's small and tightly packed, you can use this to spot correct areas that need concealing, or you can use this as an eyeliner brush. I also use this to apply shadow to the corners of the eyes

6. Cream Shadow Brush
What to Look For: a small brush with synthetic bristles
What It Does: For application of cream shadows on the eyes

7. Eye Contour Brush
What to Look For: A skinnier and tapered version of the eyeshadow brush
What It Does: to contour the eyes with a darker shade, or to blend in shadows on the crease of the eye. This brush really helps in creating dramatic eye looks.

The Extras

8. Slanted Eyebrow Brush
What to Look For: A tightly packed, thin, and small slanted brush
What It Does: For filling in and defining eyebrows; you can also use this as an eyeliner brush

9. Lip Brush
What to Look For: A small, firm, and tightly-packed brush 
What It Does: For precise application of lip color. This is especially helpful when you want to wear bright, pigmented shades

10. Mascara Spoolie
What to Look For: A basic mascara wand
What It's For: This may seem like a useless tool, but it's great in brushing out clumps of mascara from the lashes, and for blending out brow color if you applied too much of it.

Generally, when picking out brushes, look for high quality ones so that you can apply your makeup products better, and you won't have to constantly replace your brushes if they keep on getting worn out. Choose ones that don't shed so much, and whose bristles don't feel rough or scratchy on your skin. You don't have to get the super-expensive brushes, as many online sellers already have a lot of cheaper (and good quality) options available.

So these are my 10 brush must-haves, I'm sure others have different recommendations, and you can most definitely select only the ones that suit your needs. Hope this post helped you out though! How about you, what are your favorite makeup brushes? 


  1. Great post nang! Are those Bobbi Brown brushes? :)

  2. Hi Chinchin! I was just wondering if you use Ellana Minerals Cosmetics? I'm having a photo contest for users of Ellana Minerals next week, so you might be interested to join ;) Entries will be judged by the founder of Ellana Minerals herself

    1. hi gel! sorry wala gd :( ill check out nalang the entries once you post them. thanks for the invite!

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