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Friday, August 31, 2012

Review: Maxfactor Panstik Foundation in Medium

Meet my HG foundation/concealer, the Maxfactor Panstik Foundation! This product may be a little old school (Maxfactor released this in 1947 and is phased out in the US already, but is still available in Europe and Asia) considering there are already a myriad of other foundation formulations out there (liquid, mousse, spray, etc) but I just super love, love, love this product! Read on to find out why:

Shade Match:  
I use the shade medium, and it matches my skin tone so perfectly that I don't even have to apply any of the stuff on my neck. I also bought these in 5 other shades to use on makeup gigs, and I've done makeup on fair-skinned and morena ladies and I'm always able to find a shade that matches Pinay skin tones. 

Creamy but not heavy, applies easily with a brush (for heavier coverage) or a wedge sponge (for lighter coverage).

Buildable; you can go from medium to full. This covers imperfections so well that I use this as a concealer too, especially on scars and undereye circles.

Silky matte; but if you're going for a totally matte look it can easily be remedied by using dusting loose powder or using a compact powder. It doesn't cake or transfer as well even after hours of wear.

Lasting power
Around 8-10 hours

Oil control:
I have oily skin, and even though this has a creamy formula and has mineral oil as one of its ingredients, I never end up with greasy skin, and so far I've never broken out.

I love that it's small and portable, but the tube container it's housed in doesn't have the best quality. The twist-thingy is supposed to make the stick retractable, but sometimes something goes wrong with the mechanism and it gets stuck, so it doesn't go back in the tube.

You would like this if:
  • You want a heavy-duty foundation/concealer but don't like the heavy, mask-like feeling that other foundations have
  • You have dry, normal, or combination-type skin
  • You want beauty products that multi-task and are easy to carry around
  • You have dark circles or scars you want to cover up on your face
You won't like this if:
  • You can't stand products with poor quality packaging
  • You have very oily skin
  • You want to use newer products or formulations

It comes in a small, twist-type tube

 shades are found on the bottom

Swatched on my hand, not blended. See how creamy it looks?

Left: with concealer, Right: without concealer

When used on my entire face:

Have you tried this foundation stick from Maxfactor? Let me know if you liked it as much as I do :)


  1. wow good review! I might buy this! thanks :D

  2. I do also own one.^^ I totally agree to the poor packaging but the quality of the product is, simply superb. I use it as an eyebag concealer, quickly hides the dark circles after application and it indeed last for hours. It only creases because of my "prominent" fine lines haha. I bought it last Dec 2012 and until now it isn't finished yet so I guess the price is really worth it. ^^b

    1. i bought mine last december too, and it was 10% off pa hehe. hope they wont phase out the product here :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hahaha! Sabaw na ako.. sorry it's Dec 2011 not 2012. XD Sorry. Lucky you Ms. Chinchin you bought it in a discounted price,I bought it around 450 plus -500php plus basta max 500php flat(orig price). Surprised it was that "cheap"/affordable for a Max Factor product (knowing their usual prices - kinda pricey). Yes sana hindi i-phase out yan dito sa Pinas. Kaloka a 1940 product pa ito. Saayyy vintage! Love it.;)

    4. haha i didnt even notice the 2012! lol. I think it's 495? then I got 10% off sa SMAC sale ng SM :) oo nga I was surprised that this was cheaper than their other foundation products, i think ka price nya lang mga lipstick nila hehe. i really thought it was a concealer at first then sabi ng SA foundation pala. looked it up online and read sooo many great reviews so I bought it :D

  3. Wow amazing product. It does a good coverage. Available pa ba to sa country natin and how much? Parang I would like to try this :)

    1. hi! yup, i got mine sa Maxfactor counter at SM department store. try to check your nearest SM if they have this product :) it's around Php 400+, i forgot how much exactly but it's less than Php 500

  4. Loved your review and so I finally bought my own Pan Stik. Yay. :D Really good concealing power.

    1. yay! glad this review was helpful to you! :D

  5. Glad to see this post! Since I am looking for a good foundation that could also be a good concealer. Wow! This is just great! :)

    1. thanks dear! let me know if you were able to try it too :D