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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Review: MAC Browset in Girl Boy

Another HG product of mine! I'm addicted to eyebrow stuff, I like how I can change my look from demure to fierce with a slight change in eyebrow shape, or by using different products for grooming them. Currently, I''m obsessed with the "perfect eyebrow look" (at least my interpretation of it hehe)- not too thin, not too think, nicely arched and filled in and set.

I just ran out of my Etude House eyebrow mascara so I got the MAC browset, which lasts a lot longer (it contains twice as much product) and doesn't dry up as fast as the EH mascara. 

Product Description:
A brush-on gel that brushes the brow hairs in place and deposits a sheer tint to the brows. Think of it as mascara for your eyebrows! It doesn't stiffen the brows, and it doesn't flake. It can also be used on the sideburns and facial hair. Contains 8 grams of product.

Mine is in Girl Boy, a fawn blonde shade. I have black hair but this doesn't look weird or too light at all.I like that the lighter color gives me a softer look.
 Other shades available are Clear, Beguile (a full-bodied taupe), and Show-Off (rich brown). 

The gel doesn't dry up easily, and true to their claim, it doesn't flake on the eyebrows. 

Staying Power:
Lasts all day, I do my brows in the morning and my face oils up and sweats throughout the day but the gel doesn't fade or budge.

Ease of Use:
It's really easy to use, you just brush it onto your brows to color and set it into place. 

I like the clear tube it comes in, I can see how much product I have left. 

You might like this if:
  • You have thick, dark, unruly eyebrows
  • You just dyed your hair a different color 
  • You products that last at least 6 months
  • You like products that have a sweet scent

You probably won't like this if:
  • You prefer pencils or brow powders
  • You have very thin, wispy, or barely-there brows (it's difficult to apply if there's not much hair to cling to)
  • You don't like scented cosmetics
  • You're on a budget. It's a bit pricey at local MAC stores (Php 950) but if you're lucky enough to drop by a Duty Free or get it in another country it costs less (around 700-800)

comes in a clear, plastic tube
in Girl Boy
looks like your standard mascara wand
It looks shimmery in the tube, but won't give you glitter/shimmer overload when applied

Have you tried this product too? What did you think about it?


  1. It tamed your eyebrows! Really set it nicely! A lot of bloggers really love this Mac browset. Really wanted to try this kaya lang it's pricey for me! Anyway, love ko talaga brows mo sis. Kasi it's thick :)

    1. thanks sis! you can try etude house color my brows in light brown, the effect is almost 99% the same. Haha :) will do a comparison post of the two soon

    2. thanks for the tip sis! will include that on my wishlist :)