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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Video Tutorial Delay :|

Last night, I posted on my blog's facebook page that I would be uploading my first video tutorial. It's not up yet because unfortunately, I didn't know how much of a pain in the *ss it is to edit videos. For my first attempt, I used this free video editing software but when I was finished there was this horrible-looking watermark right in the middle of the video, so I just couldn't use it. 

I tried Windows Live Movie Maker next, but it was too slow (computer problem) and there wasn't any way I could alter the video's speed. And today, I installed a new editing software but then realized that my trusty pink netbook could not handle hard labor. I guess it is as "kikay" as its color. It's perfectly fine for basics like web surfing, work stuff and can even handle Adobe CS3, but when it comes to video editing, pretty much every program I tried to install gave a prompt that "computer  lacks system requirements". So I guess I'd have to edit my video somewhere else while I find a way to upgrade my system.

For the meantime, here are some out takes from the tutorial, this is my favorite look for work which features matte eye shadows. I did a gray on brown combination, it's so easy to wear and is a subtle way to wear eye shadows for daytime.



  1. You look beautiful and I love the eyeshadow! :) Cant wait for the tutorial :)

    The Misty Mom

    PS - Will be having a BIG GIVEAWAY soon! Do follow if you wanna be updated about it:)

  2. You are so pretty chin :)
    Will follow you now so that I can keep my self updated with your blog.
    I wanna try your beauty secrets..
    Sadly I am a sucker for make up..perfect blog to follow!