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Monday, May 2, 2016

1st Night: Busog in Busan

   Our first stop in our Korean adventure was Busan- South Korea's 2nd largest city known for its beaches, mountains and temples. We spent two nights here and what I loved most about Busan was the fact that people there are so friendly to foreigners! We had several lost and confused moments and I couldn't count how many times people offered to help us out; some even went out of their way just to make sure we got to our destinations. Also, if you enjoy a relaxed city vibe you'll love it here. Another bonus- the food here is cheaper than in Seoul. We would usually order food for sharing during meals and most of the time, it would only cost us around Php 500- Php 700 per meal.

   Our Cebu Pacific flight left Manila on time (4 pm) and we touched down at Gimhae International Airport at around 9 in the evening. After clearing customs and getting our checked in luggage, we took the subway (to find it, exit the airport, cross the street and turn right. From there you will see the train station) from the airport to our Air BnB home.

   It was quite late when we were finally able to settle down, but all that waiting in NAIA made us hungry so we got right down to our first order of business: hunting for Korean food!! Our friendly Air BnB host Jason told us to hurry down to this local neighborhood restaurant if we wanted to eat- at that time of night, it was the only place that was open and would also be closing by midnight.

   A few things to note about eating out in local Korean restaurants- a lot of them don't have English menus, and if you're not in a particularly touristy area, they don't have pictures on the menu either. Doing a little bit of research beforehand on what you'd like to eat will surely help.
 With my friend Belle

Notice those aluminum lids on the tables? You can find the utensils inside (most of the time it's just chopsticks and spoons, ask for a fork if there isn't one)

Freshly prepared kimbap. Sooo good- really flavorful and the texture is just perfect!

Tonkatsu, ramyeon and kimbap. Love kimchi? Side dishes can be refilled, just ask your food server. Restaurants also provide drinking water for free :)

Mission number 1 (to eat local food ASAP) definitely accomplished! 

I will be posting about the Gamcheon Art Village, Jagalchi Fish Market, and BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) Square in my next entries :)  


  1. Hi chin! How much did you pay for this? Can you refer me your airbnb host too. ��

    1. this was just aroung Php 500. Shared it among the 3 of us :D food is cheaper in Busan. Ok sure ill send you links for the airbnb host :)