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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Busan to Seoul via Korail (KTX)

Panorama shot of Busan Station

 There are several options for getting to Seoul from Busan- there are flights (expensive), buses (very affordable, but takes 5-6hours depending on the traffi ) and trains. There are different classes of trains to choose from but we opted to go for the KTX (Korea Train eXpress) even if it was a little expensive compared to the other trains because we wanted to get there faster (travel time is just approximately 3 hours).

 The high speed KTX train from Seoul from Busan was convenient, fast and comfortable. I wasn't able to get much information from the internet about the timetables and prices so we just inquired at the counter and booked our tickets there at Busan Station. One way tickets cost KRW 65,000 (roughly Php 2600) and trains leave at 15 minute intervals. On a regular day, there are 59 express trips to Seoul. We were able to purchase tickets at around 1:15 pm and made it just in time for the 1:25 pm trip.

Busan Station practically deserted early in the morning :D

 Stone sculptures at the grounds

 The train has comfy seats and an area to store luggage near the train doors.


   Ola from my eyebags.. Getting a little bit bored.. No wifi and I wasn't able to bring a book. Fell asleep after an hour though haha.

    Finally, in a little less than 3 hours we finally arrived in Seoul! Too bad I wasn't able to take pictures inside the station because we were too excited to find the next train to get to our Air Bnb.

   Seoul Station is a major railway station and is the gateway to the rest of Seoul. It also serves the largest number of passengers in Korea. When we got there we could immediately see the difference from Busan. There were definitely more crowds and people moved at a fast pace. The population seemed to be younger also. I enjoyed people-watching at stations, Seoul-ites are so fashionable! :D 

   Carrying heavy luggage around the station wasn't much of a problem as there are lifts and escalators (though sometimes the lifts can be quite hard to find). Our Air BnB is right next to exit 1 of Gongdeok Station, which is fortunately just a few stops away from Seoul Station.

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