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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Letter to Future Readers

Hello there! Although not exactly a blog virgin, this will be my first time to explore the world of beauty blogging. Ever since I was 5, I was obsessed with practically anything and everything I could put on my face, hair and nails. This beauty obsession started out pretty early (I blame my mother and the influence of girlie magazines) I got my first perm at 10, did a fully made up face by myself at age 6, and started moisturizing my face religiously since age 9.
This love affair still carries on until today as a 22 year old working girl, where there are more pressing beauty problems to be addressed (sun protection, aging and fine lines prevention, and concealing dark circles- gone are the days that the only thing I worried about was what shade of lipstick I was going to use for a school presentation).
Products and tips that will be featured here have been personally tried and tested, easily accessible, and guaranteed not to leave your bank accounts crying out for mercy.
Read up, hope you enjoy, and stay gorgeous!

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