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Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: Elf Studio Lipstain in Birthday Suit

After a few months of wanting to try ELF's lipstain, I finally got one. And being the pink addict that I am, I got it in a bubblegum pink shade, Birthday Suit. I was excited to try it on my lips, because the color swatched beautifully on my hand. But my initial excitement of about 2 two minutes suddenly went downhill when I put it on my lips, because that's when I realized what a crappy product this was.

Consistency of Stain and Gloss: 2/5

   So this contains two products in one stick. One side contains the lipstain, while the other side holds the clear gloss. The lipstain was streaky upon application, especially if you use a bit more product. I tried using a lipbrush, but it still didn't help. It takes about 3 minutes to completely dry and achieve a matte finish. For those who want a glossy look, ELF has so generously provided a gloss that basically erases the first layer of product you put on your lips.

Color Pay off: 2/5

Looks pigmented on the tube, on your hand, but not on the lips. This is fine for those who prefer more natural-looking pinks, but I was expecting a bright, bubblegum pink.

A bit difficult to apply at first, gets streaky if you put too much

At 1 minute: partially dry

After 3 minutes: completely dry, color isn't as pigmented when freshly applied

Staying Power: 3/5

Won't disappear if you don't eat or do heavy smooching. But if you do, expect half-eaten lip color at the end of your meal.

Packaging: 2/5

Looks ok, but the quality? I dropped it once when my makeup kit fell out of my bag (on the same day I bought it no less) and the damn think broke. I know it's my fault but it's kind of disappointing that out of all the lip stuff I had in there, this was the only thing that got broken.

Smell: 1/5

Smells plastic-y, almost reminds me of Mighty Bond. Thankfully, the scent doesn't linger for long.

Saving Grace:
As mentioned several times before, I don't like wasting (crappy) makeup. So what I did, I saved whatever was left of the stain and transferred it into a small plastic jar. I never use the stain by itself; I use it instead as a lip mattifier (sorry, I know that's not even a word but I can't of think of anything apt). I usually layer it on top of creamy/glossy lipsticks when I want a matte finish. It works best with pinks, but I also like to layer it on top of darker colors to get a nice new shade.

Would I repurchase?

Definitely not this shade, but I read from other reviews that the others (like Bombshell and Red Carpet) have better color payoff.

Where to Get:

ELF counters, for Php 249


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