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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nail of the Week: Gradation/Gradient Nails

My gold nail polish is already chipping away at the tips, but instead of removing it I decided to try extending the life span of my mani and experimenting with gradation-style nails. Etude House actually sells a set of nail polishes especially designed for this, but you can do it yourself (and for like half the price) if you use glitter polishes that you already have or if you buy local brands. You need at least 2 or 3 nail polishes to achieve this look, and some tools like nail art sponges (or any plain old sponge) to apply the tip colors for gradient nails. But for this look I didn't need do any sponging, since I just used glitter polish.

So my goal here is to mask the appearance of my chipped nail tips.

Here are the products I used:

1. Skin Food Nail Vita in Mocha Gold- metallic gold nail polish, used as overall base
2. Chic nail polish in Glaze- fine gold glitters with red heart shaped glitters in a sheer red base (around Php 25, Watson's)
3. Bobbie nail polish in Star Gazer- silver round glitters, pale silver and gold shimmers in peachy pink base (around Php 30, Watsons)

Apply this on more than 1/2 of the nail surface. Use the gold glitters only; if some of the hearts get on your nails just remove them. Let dry.

As soon as the previous layer has dried, apply the light pink polish with silver glitters on 1/3 of the nail, just on the tips. Sorry for my lumpy application.

Gradiation nails are really fun and easy to do! And another bonus for me was that I got to extend the lifespan of my manicure. There are a lot of color combinations you can do for this, you can go from sheer pastels to dark, midnight black shades! Have you ever tried to do gradiation nails before? What combinations did you do? :)

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