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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June Favorites

So these are my favorites for the month of June. It's a mix of different products for the hair, face, eyes, lips and nails. I've tried all of these already and I love each and every one of them! I'll be doing individual reviews for some of these soon :)

My new favorite hot pink lipstick! 


  •  L'oreal Trumatch Superblendable pressed powder in Shell Beige (Php 450, What the F)
  • Etude House Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream #2 (samples at 3 for Php 100, Miss Loren's shop, Php 798 for the full size, Etude House)

Eyes. I love Wet n Wild products, great quality at super affordable prices.

Hair. Because I'm currently in the process of reviving my dead, frizzy hair.
  • Ahglow Keratin Hair Reconstructor (Php 110, Hortaleza stores)- really great product. Will definitely do a separate post on this one
  • Vitress Hair Polish (Php 29, grocery stores/drugstores)
  • Wide tooth comb (Php 14, random downtown store)- the best type of comb to use on wet hair, because hair is most fragile when wet. This is such a steal at Php14! It costs a bit more in the mall.


  • Skin Food Nail Vita in Mocha Gold (Php 150, Miss Loren)
  • Skin Food Nail Vita in Iceberry (Php 150, Miss Loren)
  • Random, no brand nail polish in a peachy nude shade (Php 28, Gaisano)


  1. The bottle for the no brand nail polish is the same with Etude House's polish. Interesting. Where did you buy it? :)

    1. It does look like Etude's nail polish but I'm not sure if it's exactly the same, the bottle is bigger and I purchased one like it from my friend before, she says it's from Korea too, dupes for Etude daw :) I got it from Gaisano Mall, do you have one near you? :)

  2. Yes. I'll try to go there tomorrow. :) Hopefully, it's available. Do they have many colors? :D

    1. not that many shades to choose from, i think around 10? goodluck hope you have it there also! let me know if you were able to buy there :)

  3. i love how you photographed the products! :)

    i have the same loreal powder as yours, only in warm shade! it wears off easily! :( but its a great product to set the makeup..

    what can you say about your wnw hot pink lippie? i'm looking for a good one! i hope you have a review on it!

    1. thanks dear! i super love the hot pink lippie i kind of regret not getting a backup haha. ill post the review soon :)

  4. okay! wow i think i'm getting it too soon! but i'llwait for your review first. thank you!