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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Real Women, Real Looks 2

For this post I'm featuring my gorgeous friend Nona (but we like calling her "Now-na" hehe). Nona's trademark look is her always perfectly-done kilay and nude lipstick, so for this look I wanted to do something different by incorporating color into her look. Nothing over the top though, just light purple shadow on her eyes and natural pink lips. So this was her final look:

Nona sans make up:

I also did a night look on her since we had plans for that night. I didn't remove the day make up; instead, I just layered gunmetal and black shadow to create this silver and black smoky eye look. For extra drama I added on a pair of super thick false eyelashes. I removed the pink lipstick and traded it in for a matte nude one.

Did you like her day and night looks? Drop me a line! 

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