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Monday, July 30, 2012

Real Women, Real Looks. Makeover #3

This is my aunt, Tita D. She rarely applies makeup and when she does, it's just pressed powder and neutral-colored lipsticks. When we were able to get together, she asked me to give her a makeover and requested that we use this black liquid eyeliner which she recently bought. Of course, being the makeup obsessed niece that I am, I happily obliged and came up with this easy-to-do look for her:

sorry for the blurry "after" shot, these were the only photos that survived after I accidentally deleted an entire album :(

For some reason, I took one look at Tita D's hair and I got inspired by Liz Taylor! So I was able to work with her request to wear the black eyeliner, and to finish it off I used a blue-based red lipcolor that Liz was always seen wearing in photos.

For Tita D's face, I used the Coastal Scents concealer palette to cover up dark circles and discolorations, set it with her own pressed powder foundation, filled in her brows with eyebrow powder, and used a warm rose blush on her cheeks.

The inspiration:


I just love the combination of liquid eyeliner and red lips, very timeless and classic and works for women of all ages. How about you? What's your idea of the perfect classic makeup look? :)


  1. Cute ni Tita! Parang siyang si mom ko, di rin mahilig sa makeup, face powder lang at lipstick! Ang bonngga na ni Tita!

    1. thanks! i hope that when we get older di pa rin mawawala love for makeup natin hihi