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Friday, May 4, 2012

Elf Studio Correcting Concealer Review

Lack of sleep is something that's not good for everybody. I'm not an eyebag person, but I get something much worse when I don't get enough sleep- dark circles. I look like a zombie with hollowed out eyes, the picture of Stress Drilon herself. 

My secret weapons and best friends to looking alive and awake after pulling an all-nighter are undereye creams, gels, and concealers. I was checking out the Elf counter and I saw this and decided to get one. I liked that it was a color correcting palette with 4 shades in a nice, sleek packaging that already comes with a tiny mirror and a brush.

But I guess the adage do not judge a book by its cover applies to make up as well, because although I love the way it looks, the product itself was disappointing!

What I like:
  • Packaging
  • I like the color-correcting concept, too bad it failed to deliver
  • I found the green most useful of the 4 because it did manage to neutralize redness, but be sure to top it off with a different brand of concealer if you want maximum results
  • I made use of the other 3 shades as highlighters or eyeshadow bases

What I don't like:
  • Poor concealing job
  • Sheer, waxy consistency
  • Creases under the eyes
Would I repurchase? 

Where to Get?
If in case you do want to try this out (who knows, it might work better on you. Just ask the sales assistant if you could try a sample), get this for Php 249 at Elf counters at Watsons or department stores


  1. i've heard bad reviews about this product, but i think that because of the price, i still want to try it!:) but should i just save my money and look for alternatives? :)

  2. you're baaaack! lol... hmm honestly? save it na lang for other alternatives :) but if you can try out a sample go lang! maybe your dark circles aren't as bad as mine so it'll work fine for you :)

  3. hi.. what concealer can you recommend for undereye circles? thanks! -

  4. Hi dear! Currently using Maxfactor's Panstik, it's actually a foundation but it's great as a spot concealer as well cos it's really creamy and pigmented :)