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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Plum or Pink?

When I was a teenager, the only thing I felt comfortable enough to put on my lips on a daily basis were lip balms and lip glosses. Lipsticks (especially dark-hued ones) were saved for dressier occasions and the very few parties that I were allowed to attend. Very manang right?

Today, I got two lipsticks that looked like throwbacks to high school days. I got them from lines actually targeted for teens. One is a deep, dark, plum (which my mother would have banned me from using 10 years ago) while the other is a nice, pale pink (mom-approved for high school me).

First up is Avon's Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lipstick in Pure Plum. I actually discovered this from a friend- I took one look at her plum-colored lips and fell in love. I had to have one. I didn't know that Avon made dark shades like these for their teens' line; and what's even better is that it's such a steal at only Php 109!

I got the 4U2 lipstick in Pink 02 while browsing through the department store's beauty section. The cute, girly packaging caught my eye. It's small, pink, with polka dots, super girlaloo! All of the shades are in Pink (from 1-6) and since they had no testers, I had to rely on the swatch on the front of the packaging to select a color. I got number 2, the lightest among all the shades (number 1 wasn't available anymore).

Super dark, pigmented, with a very slight glossy finish if you apply it without blotting. I tried blotting it out with a tissue and I was left with a very deep, dark matte berry stain on my lips- it looked like what I'd imagine a vampire would look like after drinking blood haha.

In contrast to the more mature and vampiric quality of Very Plum, this pale pink lipstick just evokes innocence and youth. It has a glossy finish which kind of reminds me of Maybelline Watershine lipsticks, only less greasy- looking. I like this a lot and I think the shade is very wearable for young girls.
Individual Reviews:

Avon's Simply Pretty Colorbliss Lipstick in Pure Plum

What I like:
  • Super pigmented and doesn't smudge. 
  • Staying power is good, 6-8 hours if you don't eat/drink/do anything with your mouth; and if you do something with your mouth, it still manages to leave a nice, berry stain. 
  • Feels hydrating, doesn't dry out my lips even after hours of wear
  • It's also very affordable at only a Php 109. There are 2 other colors from this particular line (Valentine Colorbliss Collection) so do check them out if you like pinks more than plums.

What I don't like:
  • I'm not exactly a fan of its packaging
  • Some Avon stocks are pretty limited, so it might take some waiting time to get your order if they ran out of stocks
Would I repurchase? Yes
Where to get: Your nearest Avon lady/outlet

 4U2 lipstick in Pink 02

What I Like:
  • The packaging! It's practically the reason why I bought it in the first place
  • The finish- what I had hoped for in Maybelline Watershine (but had failed to deliver)
  • The versatile color, great for daily use
What I don't like:
  • They don't have product testers, so if it's your first time buying this and if there's no sales lady around, you wouldn't be able to know how the actual shade looks like, and if it's matte/shimmery/glossy
  • Limited shades available, only pinks (great for pink addicts)
  • Affordable at only Php 154
Would I repurchase? Maybe not. Ok product over all, but I find it a tad bit mediocre. Nothing special, and at that price point there are so many other better lipsticks out there available which I would rather buy (NYX, Wet n Wild, Ever Bilena)

Where to Get: 4U2 counters at Watsons and SM Department Stores

So which one do you prefer? Are you more of a pink girl? A plum girl? Or both? Feel free to drop me a line! :)


  1. wow! i love that plum lipstick! i am sooo going to buy that. (inggitera) hahaha.
    i wear pink lipsticks most of the time but i really dig that plum lipstick. the price is just right for my budget!
    i think i would not wear eyeshadow pag yan ang gamit ko to avoid looking like a goth girl.
    glad that i stumble upon your blog. very helpful for gals who have a limited/student budget. :D

  2. btw, i was looking for that shade but i just cant seem to find one online. :( i dont know any avon dealers so...i would just like to know where did you buy the plum lipstick.

  3. haha yes, when i wear it i usually just go bare on the eyes and i wear plum colored blush, it has a nice effect :) hmmm i got mine from an avon dealer (secretary ng doctor hehe) but i think you can try to get it directly from an avon store? if there are ones near you. also try asking your mom/sis/friends if they know anybody who sells avon products :)

  4. Great review sis! I will find that Avon Plum lippy! :D

  5. thanks dear! hope it's still available at your local sellers, checked this month catalogue parang wla na cya :(

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