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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Iloilo Spa Feature: Shana Lacs Spa

Fun Fact- my high school thesis (published 2006) was all about the derma clinic and spa business in Iloilo City. At that time, there were only a handful of them in the city- no more than 10 as I recall, and I was fortunate enough to do a qualitative study where I was able to interview the managers and the owners of these establishments.

I shall spare you the deathly boring SPSS results and the detailed analysis and will jump straight to the point- the study came to the conclusion that the future of this industry was looking bright in this side of town, and more wellness and beauty centers will surely open their doors to cater to the Ilonggos' growing consciousness of their health and wellness.

One of the must-try places in the city is Shana Lacs Spa. I came here through the recommendation of a friend, and I was happy I took her word for it! One day after work, I was bone-tired and couldn't even walk properly because my feet were killing me (that's what I get for traipsing around in 4 inch heels for 12 hours). I remembered my friend's suggestion and immediately went there to try it out. When I stepped inside the spa, the ambiance was calm and relaxing- lights slightly dimmed, aromatherapy scents wafting through the air, with lounge-y music playing in the background.

I was greeted by the courteous staff and was offered a menu of their services for my perusal. The menu book was so cute, Thai-inspired and bound in satin, which perfectly matched the Balinese-style interiors. They have a variety of services available from body massages, body scrubs, hand and foot therapies to facials (all at affordable prices) that it was hard to choose one. They also have spa packages available that are more cost-effective if you want to have more than one service. During my first visit, I chose to get their Signature Body Massage (Php 258).

They actually took my blood pressure first before proceeding with the massage. I remembered that in the past 4 massage centers I frequent, none of them had ever taken my blood pressure before starting. Kudos to Shana Lacs for taking into consideration their customers' well being!

I probably got lucky that night, because at 10 pm and without an appointment, I was able to get one of the single rooms and get a massage right away (the next time I returned, I wasn't as lucky because the rooms were occupied and I had to wait a bit, and I wasn't able to get a single room).
Foot massage area

Single room- super like how they were able to prettify such a small space! I got inspired to decorate my room like this haha

Cubicles with cloth partitions

Needless to say, it was 60 minutes and Php 258 well spent. I didn't even feel like driving myself home, I just wanted to stay in the massage bed and sleep there undisturbed until morning came. I left the spa feeling like all the tension in my body has gone, and I clocked in a super restful 8 hours of sleep the second I got home.

If you want to relax and unwind after a long day,visit Shana Lacs Spa at Room 205 Adelina Bldg cor Gen. Luna and Jalandoni Streets, Iloilo City. Book your appointments through their contact number at (033) 338- 3206. They are open daily from 12pm-11 pm. Last call is at 10:00 pm, but just to be sure, make a call first to confirm availability of rooms/therapists if you plan on coming near closing time. For a sneak peek into their menu book of services, check out their Facebook page here :)

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