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Friday, April 27, 2012

Make Up 101: Anatomy of the Eye

Today, I was talking to a friend about make up. She's really attractive with gorgeous facial features, but doesn't wear any make up at all. She gets kind of overwhelmed with all the products and tools and colors but she's interested to learn just the basics. She already has the stuff she needs (for eye make up) but she doesn't know where to start. Our conversation inspired me do a post about "eye anatomy" for make up application, since this is not the first time I hear other people complain that they could never do even the simplest of eye looks.

I've done eye make up tutorials here and I use some "technical" terms like crease, outer V, etc but I never bothered to explain what exactly they mean. So to get you started, here are the basic parts of the eye for make up application:

1. Browbone- the area just below the brows. This is where you highlight with pale/light colored shadows.
2. Lid- the entire fleshy area in between the crease and the upper lashline; usually where you apply your base color
3. Crease- found in between the browbone and the lid, the part of the eye where it "creases". This is where you apply darker shadows to create depth in the eyes
4. Outer V- the outer corner of the eye. Color is applied in a sideways V shape to create an even more dramatic look. Black and other dark colors are best for this part to give the illusion of larger eyes.
5. Inner corner- or tear ducts; white/shimmery colors are best for this area to brighten up the eyes

6. Upper lashline- on the eyelid, where your lashes are. This is the part where you apply liner (all forms) and false eyelashes
7. Lower lashline- on the lower part of the eye, holds your lower lashes. 
8. Waterline- this is actually inside the lower lashline. It's that fleshy, moist inner line leading towards the inner corner. To make eyes look wide awake, try lining this part with a white or flesh-colored pencil. To make eyes look more defined and dramatic, use a black kohl or pencil liner.

Hope this was helpful to all make up newbies out there! :)


  1. this post is helpful. thank you for this!

    1. yay glad u found this helpful! thanks! :)